Affordable Bay View Homes Bellingham WA

Affordable bay view homes in Bellingham are not hard to find.  Bellingham and the surrounding areas are extremely unique to the real estate market because of the vast amount of great view properties.  Whether you’re looking for a mountain view cabin, a lake view cottage, or bay view home, there are always properties out there to suit your real estate needs and wants.  As a realtor in the Northwest, its really a treat to help people find their perfect home with a view at a price they can afford.

2125Of course, you can find properties with mountain views and lake views anywhere across the country, so its the bay view properties in the Bellingham area that are truly coveted.  Properties quite close to the bay—be it Bellingham Bay, Birch Bay, or Padilla Bay—have the luxury of fresh ocean air right from the front door steps.  Much of the Bellingham area, though, is built on a slope since we are so close to the foothills, so you can get a view of one of these glorious bays even from miles away!  What’s the result?  So many affordable bay view homes in Bellingham!

We noticed a lot of clients this past summer searching for affordable bay view homes in Bellingham.  Some of the primary reasons we’ve found are:

  • Clients looking to upgrade to their dream home with a to-die-for view
  • Current homeowners looking for a second dwelling or a vacation rental
  • Older couples looking for a relaxing home with a view to retire to

Whatever your reason, check out what affordable bay view homes in Bellingham are on the market today!

See affordable bay view homes in Bellingham for less than $325,000!

See affordable bay view condos in Bellingham for less than $225,000!


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