Bellingham Real Estate Agent Reviews

Have you looked at the Bellingham real estate agent reviews recently?  There are some really outstanding agents out there serving our market.  Giving a review to your real estate agent is about the highest complement nowadays as more than 50% of home searches start on the internet.

As a Bellingham real estate agent myself, I can attest to how important these reviews can be.  The Bellingham real estate agent reviews might just be the most important because of how much our community values the word of their friends and next of kin.  If your mother told you she had the best experience at a certain hair dresser, you’d be so much more inclined to use them yourself than if it was just a place you walked by on a regular basis.

To find out how held up in the Bellingham real estate agent review frenzy, check out some of the following platforms:

  • See reviews of the Don Hammons Team on Zillow
  • See reviews of the Don Hammons Team on Yelp
  • See reviews of the Don Hammons Team on Redfin

Here are a few of our favorites!

Redfin5star - 400 Charles Place

Yelp5star - Linda K

Redfin5star - Bob Cosbey

If you are a former client of the Don Hammons team, whether Elizabeth park showed you a house, or Don Hammons showed up at your door for a listing appointment, we’d love to get a review from you on our level of professionalism and passion for the real estate industry.  And thank you for being our client!

To see what Don Hammons has listed currently, check out; or call 360-223-9050 to chat with Don about getting your home listed.

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